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Witch Hippie®

Witch Hippie® was born in 2016 and has created a life enhancing product line that is developed to SOOTHE YOUR SOUL.

Our story is quite simple. Years ago the CEO & Founder Dave Bradbury was selling a pain cream from another company (that we won’t mention). It was a good product for the most part, however the owners of that company kept changing the policies and compensation, making it harder and harder for a sales associate to make any money at all.

One day Dave was talking to his sister about how bad the company had become and said “I should develop some kinda of (hippie-witch pain relief cream that works) and start my own company to do things the right way..”  They both thought the name was kinda catchy, so Dave went on to research the name and purchase the domain.  At that point he realized two things. #1 (The bad news) -The domain was not available 🙁 and… #2 (The good news) -There were no companies out there with this kind of name, or marketing any products.  Being persistent on the coolness of witches and hippies, he swapped the names around to Witch Hippie and BINGO… Witch Hippie was born. WE LIKED THIS NAME EVEN BETTER! So we trademarked it. 🙂

Our product selection is quite simple.  We combined the “Witch” who’s job is to make things that work and the “Hippie” who’s job is to be Natural and Organic.  We strive to provide our customers with AHHsome products at affordable prices.  Discover AHHsome and give us a try, we’ll SOOTHE YOUR SOUL.

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100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! Stop in and try before you buy.

We guarantee your satisfaction with our products 100%! If you’re not happy with any product for any reason, simply contact us, let us know your order number and the reason for the return. 

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